3 Essential Strategies for Your Business Recovery Plan

June 12, 2020

The process of sourcing and negotiating airline crew housing contracts has historically been fraught with inefficiencies, making it time-consuming and stressful for both airlines and hotels. Vindow’s cutting-edge software streamlines the entire process making it significantly more efficient, thus saving time and money.

Rising to the challenges created by COVID-19 in the travel and hospitality industry, Vindow has helped airlines to quickly restore their hotel networks and obtain incredible rates with their innovative technology platform. Here are three tactics to help you find your path forward. 

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

Just like millions of people around the globe, smart businesses have taken advantage of the relative dormancy created by COVID19 to “spring clean” their operations.  If you’ve identified potential areas for improved efficiencies or less waste, it’s time to seek out new and innovative solutions. Advances in technology, like Artificial Intelligence, have paved the way for applications tailored to a customer’s specific needs, providing unprecedented levels of insight. Seek out experienced, reputable suppliers who have the willingness to listen and the ability to adapt their products and services to provide solutions that fit your needs, not theirs. 

“Vindow is the only procurement software platform that combines search functionality, RFP, Contract management and data intelligence in the same product. It’s a powerful, easy to implement, solution that delivers quick results.” 

Clean Your Windshield

Decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on. Lack of transparency in your business operations is like driving blind – it’s hazardous to your company’s health. Access to comprehensive real time data is essential for fast, strategic business results. 

Designed specifically with airline crew accommodation procurement in mind, Vindow provides hotel partners with instantaneous feedback during the bidding process, so they know where they stand within their competitive product set, saving countless hours of back-and-forth on negotiations that ultimately go nowhere.  

Airlines reap rewards when their crews access live rates through Vindow, so they know they’re always getting the best deal. And their crews appreciate the ability to make confident, informed decisions from a list of industry relevant accommodations, knowing that their personal comfort and safety are priorities.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Change the Tires

After more than a decade of an uninterrupted “Sellers’ Market” in the hospitality industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has imploded well established hotel occupancy patterns. While some market segments, like meetings and events, are predicted to lag behind during recovery, crew accommodations provide a consistent, reliable source of hotel revenue. Now, more than ever, hotels need a smart, operative way to gain access to the lucrative business of airline crew housing. 

At the same time, airlines must quickly and efficiently review and revise their existing crew accommodation contracts for this new, post-pandemic era. Vindow platform provides real-time access to current hotel inventory, making it easy to renegotiate contracts with the peace of mind of knowing that they are paying the lowest rates. That’s especially important today when selecting hotels not based solely on location or amenities, but searching for those with strong COVID-19 abatement strategies.

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the landscape for the travel, hospitality and tourism industries. Recovery will not be easy, but a “new normal” will arise – one that calls for innovative solutions and better ways of doing business. Vindow answers the call! Complete SaaS solution that enables airline procurement staff to significantly decrease the time and complexity of sourcing and contracting for crew accommodations in a seamless and transparent process. Partnering with Vindow gives hotels entry to a profitable, reliable market segment that they may not have previously considered. 

Conquer Contracts, Source Smarter using Vindow AI powered technology and be more equipped, more prepared than ever to take your business to new heights.




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