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The Search for a More Intelligent Life

The business world is full of well-known axioms that seek to convey timeless wisdom, including old favorites like, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” or “Do More with Less.”

During times of prosperity, it’s easy to dismiss such ideas as cliched and trite. Yet today, in the face of the widespread business crises created by the COVID-19 pandemic, this kind of advice takes on a new urgency. In the hospitality industry, doing “more with less,” has morphed into “Do Something with Nothing.”

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“Attention Hotel Sales Managers: Sleeping Rooms Needed”

There is no denying that non-essential travel has taken a cruel hit in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But what about essential travelers; individuals and organizations that depend upon overnight accommodations to conduct their regular business operations? There are still opportunities today for savvy hoteliers who know how and where to find them, but for anyone who’s historically undervalued niche marketing, getting in the game might be a challenge.

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Rebuilding Partnerships in Travel

Even the most casual observer of travel news is aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the travel, hospitality and tourism industries, forcing outright closures or drastic reductions in staff through layoffs or extended furloughs. In the struggle to return to “business as usual,” airlines and hotels have responded by investing millions of dollars

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3 Essential Strategies for Your Business Recovery Plan

The process of sourcing and negotiating airline crew housing contracts has historically been fraught with inefficiencies, making it time-consuming and stressful for both airlines and hotels. Vindow’s cutting-edge software streamlines the entire process making it significantly more efficient, thus saving time and money.

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How Vindow Is Changing the Travel Industry In the Face of a Pandemic

Airlines experienced between 60% to 90% decline in commercial flights since quarantine initiatives were set in place in March. Such decline pressures airlines to ground their fleets, leading many to run into financial difficulties and major furloughs, including travel procurement departments. 

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The Rise of the Review

Reviews are the backbone of the digital marketplace, providing confidence and due diligence to the online consumer. The expansion and utilization of reviews has never maintained such influence and companies and consumers alike are harnessing their value with the help of modern technology.

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Looking beyond the Stars

It’s been just over 60 years since the advent of the 5 Star hotel rating system. A lot has changed since the system was put in place to evaluate the quality of a hotel. Today, we are seeing shifting landscape driven by technological innovation.

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Artificial Intelligence in Travel

Technology has re-imagined the way humans travel. The newest technologically-driven trend in travel is just getting started, and you’ve probably heard of it before, Artificial Intelligence.

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