How Vindow Is Changing the Travel Industry In the Face of a Pandemic

May 21, 2020

COVID-19; A Hit Towards Global Travel

Airlines experienced between 60% to 90% decline in commercial flights since quarantine initiatives were set in place in March. Such decline pressures airlines to ground their fleets, leading many to run into financial difficulties and major furloughs, including travel procurement departments. Despite having a concurrent impact with airlines, hotels are preparing to shift the hotel guest experience with reopening procedures.

What does that mean for crew accommodations?

While many travel booking platforms, such as Expedia, are taking a crushing hit from COVID-19, business at other technology firms are keeping steady – even flourishing. There is a better way to get the job done in this climate. A more transparent, valuable, less problematic way where customers are certain of the decisions they are making while saving money and time with automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Helping the Travel Economy Recover

Hotels are in the lookout for base business to build their operational pipeline. On the other hand, with or without procurement departments, it’s no doubt that airlines will pour time and money into sourcing hotels, an already complicated feat before COVID-19 to begin with. Speed and efficiency is the clear key here in researching properties that are slowly opening their doors for booking.

Harnessing the power of A.I.

Vindow’s Market IQ tool drives savings for airlines, alleviating overpaying for hotels. Perhaps the most powerful intel airlines can utilize Vindow’s cost-savings analytics, helping airlines calculate their total cost of ownership to visualize and negotiate better deals with hotels.

Vindow’s Bid Intelligence tool gives hoteliers real-time insight on their comp to optimize their pricing, benefits, and marketing messages to win business. This is particularly useful for hotels to evaluate their proposals and request to bid on business they were not originally considered for as a way to identify new revenue opportunities.

A Communication Synergy

Technology gives hotels the opportunity to send targeted advertising to buyers based on their RFP specifications, while efficiently responding to multiple RFPs all at once, expediting the well-known long RFP process. Site inspections can be done virtually, allowing both to exchange information right in one spot in real-time, safety of the area, hotel videos, restaurants within close proximity and numerous other metrics.

This symbiotic relationship Vindow has cultivated helps hotels fill their rooms and empower airline procurement in a whole new way. It is the only software in the market that combines hotel sourcing, RFP creation and data intelligence in the same product.

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