Rebuilding Partnerships in Travel

Even the most casual observer of travel news is aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the travel, hospitality and tourism industries, forcing outright closures or drastic reductions in staff through layoffs or extended furloughs. In the struggle to return to “business as usual,” airlines and hotels have responded by investing millions of dollars in developing a variety of sanitation and contact limitation protocols aimed at minimizing the threat of viral transmission – all in the name of restoring confidence in their ability to safely care for the traveling public.

Yet even with enhanced protections in place, convincing many occasional or leisure travelers to overcome their natural sense of caution and return to pre-pandemic travel patterns will be no small feat; but what about those who have no choice? For those whom the requirement to travel is not optional, but a job requirement?

Airline Crews as “Essential Workers”

COVID-19 has created a new understanding of, and appreciation for, the “essential worker.” While many people are able to work from home, airline crews must work in close proximity to the public in enclosed spaces for significant stretches of time. As a result, airlines are working to maximize the safety of passengers and crew members when returning to the skies. This includes not only before and during flights, but after when crew members must overnight in hotels around the world.

Consequently, choosing the best option for crew accommodations has never been more important…or more challenging. While every major hotel chain has announced enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing measures and a myriad of other safeguards, evaluating their effectiveness on a property-by-property basis is impossible.

Know the Score

To solve this problem, Vindow has created the Health and Safety profile and updated the Vindow Score.

Vindow users have always enjoyed access to exclusive ratings and reviews via the Vindow Score.  It offers insight into hotels’ facilities and amenities tailored to the needs and desires of the airline professional. Now, in addition to the Vindow Score, airlines that use the Vindow software platform for crew accommodation procurement can access our exclusive Health and Safety profile.

Vindow surveyed more than seventeen thousand hotels worldwide to find out the protocols they have enacted to combat COVID-19 and ensure guest safety. We then created a specific Health and Safety profile where Vindow users can easily obtain that information.

The survey results were also analyzed and incorporated into each hotels’ Vindow Score.  This at-a-glance rating, along with our existing peer reviews, allows airline crews to quickly and confidently find the hotel that best meets their needs, knowing that their health and safety are the top priorities.

Businesses are reopening and travel is slowly, but steadily increasing. As more people take to the sky, airlines need to ensure the safety of not only their passengers, but their essential crew –  both in the air and on the ground. Vindow makes it easy.