The Search for a More Intelligent Life

October 9th, 2020

The business world is full of well-known axioms that seek to convey timeless wisdom, including old favorites like, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” or “Do More with Less.”

 During times of prosperity, it’s easy to dismiss such ideas as cliched and trite.  Yet today, in the face of the widespread business crises created by the COVID-19 pandemic, this kind of advice takes on a new urgency. In the hospitality industry, doing “more with less,” has morphed into “Do Something with Nothing.”

 So how, exactly, do we work “smarter” today? We need a more intelligent way to do business.

 Intelligence is described as the capacity to absorb, process and contextualize knowledge and derive conclusions. It also refers to the raw data or knowledge itself. No matter how we define it, access to intelligence, both data and analysis, is critical when making decisions or solving problems. That’s especially true in light of the unprecedented challenges facing the hospitality industry today.


Vindow is your intelligent resource for managing crew or group hotel rooms procurement. Vindow’s online RFP platform makes it fast and easy to create a detailed RFP that gets targeted results. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence analytics quickly identify and recommend appropriate venues that meet your specific needs.  Vindow makes it easy to compare bids from multiple properties in an easy-to-read format.


Vindow also makes it simple for hoteliers to glean critical business insights regarding price, availability and occupancy trends.  Vindow employs artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of data points to create a full complement of essential reports.  Vindow reports not only compile historic rate data, but their AI analysis tools make timely and precise forecasting a breeze. Hoteliers have access to all the intelligence they need at their fingertips to bid with confidence and make accurate long-range plans.

The Vindow intuitive, organized reporting dashboard allows hotel sales directors to manage workflows for their entire team with RFP allocations and tracking capabilities resulting in improved operational efficiency and maximum return-on-investment. 


Vindow Reporting features:

  • Industry rate trends
  • High occupancy date alerts
  • Industry expert updates
  • Intelligent RFP response capability
  • RFP performance dashboard
  • Cost and benefit optimization
  • Negotiation simulator
  • Spend dashboard
  • Deadline notifications
  • Audit trails

Vindow is the intelligent choice for a smarter way to do business!!!


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