What is vindow

Conquer Contracts, Source Smarter

Vindow is the the only platform that combines data intelligence, RFP creation and contact management in the same product.



Conquer Contracts, Source Smarter

Vindow is the first AI-powered solution providing procurement officials with the ability to directly connect with hotels, and offers insight to market conditions and trends allowing them to obtain the best deals.


Vindow is the first AI-powered solution providing procurement officials with the ability to directly connect with hotels, and offers insight to market conditions and trends allowing them to obtain the best deals.


Our Vision

To lead the way in hotel sourcing solutions powered by AI and market intel data.

Our Mission

To connect the buyer with the supplier to simplify and bring transparency to the procurement process using the latest technologies.


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Andrea Coronel


Exceptional business professional, who influences and persuades top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted. Andrea is blessed for having achieved much in her life, and now she wants to help others find the same success. … “I’m passionate about helping .” More than 15 years in the hospitality and travel industry Andrea gain deep understanding of the needs and challenges that exist within the souring and contracting process for a large number of room nights. Having worked with in the airline industry as Hotel Procurement Manager for LATAM Airlines gave her a detailed understanding on how to fulfill the needs of a very detailed and challenging hotel users as well as understand the complexities of supply chain within the aviation industry In her latest role as VP of Client delivery for Hotel Connections, a crew logistics company, Andrea acquired great knowledge and insight as to what customers need to make their jobs easier and make and achieve their company goals, being in charge of a large team of procurement professionals brought many ideas that could help shape the future of how hotels and procurement professionals could be connected to obtain better deals. In other roles she worked for the aviation industry where she promoted the development of programs and projects that supported the company’s vision and short- and long-term plans. Her focus was to constantly develop ways, to maximize customer delivery, develop team confidence and support the company culture.

Desireé Castro

Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer

Desirée worked as the Business Development Manager at PayNode, a payment platform developed to streamline payments in the business aviation industry.  At PayNode Desirée was responsible for creating and managing the sales process, securing key accounts, and collaborating with Senior Officers in the establishment of strategic goals. 
Throughout her career, Desirée has prioritized transparency and attentiveness in the development synergistic relationships with team-members and clients .  She is a firm believer in the importance of understanding stakeholders’ and industry needs in order to deliver solutions that create value.

 When she’s not working, Desirée enjoys traveling and getting to know destinations through their food, culture, and wine.  An avid reader, Desirée will not put down a Jane Austen novel even if the world crumbles around her.”

John H. Holdsworth


John is an experienced, accomplished executive and entrepreneur with over 50 years Global involvement in the Airline, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Motor Sports and Commercial Photography industries, from startup companies to global conglomerates.

 John co-founded TLX Inc., a company that is a fully accredited IATA Travel Services Intermediary, providing Services and Technology solutions to the Airline and related travel industries, for enterprise wide hotel and ground transportation requirements and later introduced TLX Sports LLC, focused on travel and transportation for sports entities and sporting professionals as well as sponsorship development.

 He also serves as a Director and member of the Executive Committee of Experience Scottsdale and previously accepted public appointments to serve the City of Scottsdale as the Chairman of both the Tourism Development Commission and its Tourism Advisory Task Force.

 Further recognition of contribution and service to the industry include an appointment by US President Bill Clinton to serve on the Promotions Committee for the first ever White House Conference on Travel and Tourism, The Hong Kong Tourism Association-Tourism Award and The Key to the Kingdom-Walt Disney World. 

Providing a marketplace where buyers can obtain insight into market trends, access to suppliers that meet specific criteria, select vendors using powerful analytics and manage contracts efficiently.