The only software platform that combines  RFP creation, contract management, and data intelligence all in the same product.

Vindow is the world’s first AI-powered solution providing hoteliers and procurement professionals with the ability to directly connect with each other while offering insights into market conditions, and rate trends allowing them to obtain the best deals for their business. Manage the RFP lifecycle from lead to contracting all in one platform.

INCREASE REVENUE, Conquer  contracts, source smarter

The only platform that combines search, RFP creation, contract management, and data intelligence all in the same product.


Vindow harnesses machine learning algorithms used for analyzing price patterns and predicting hotel rates trends, ADR, and occupancy forecasting.

Scoring methodology developed to help users select a hotel based on a comprehensive rating generated by combining scores on industry-relevant hotel variables.

Centralize your procurement duties into one platform. From sourcing a market to managing all types of contracts, Vindow creates an all-in-one procurement experience.

Vindow provides users with advanced analytics powered by the latest technologies. From calculating your budget for a specific event, to generating quarterly reports, Vindow has you covered.

Vindow’s platform provides a centralized, searchable repository with exclusive features.

Artificial intelligence is not a feature of Vindow but rather its core foundation. Vindow’s brain is based on two fundamental layers of intelligence that work together to provide a smarter sourcing experience.

Vindow provides an online, interconnected marketplace where buyer and hoteliers can obtain insight into market trends, access suppliers that meet their personalized criteria, select vendors using powerful analytics, and centralize and manage contracts efficiently.