The only platform that combines search, RFP creation and data intelligence in the same product.

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Conquer  contracts, source smarter

Vindow is the first AI-powered solution providing procurement officials with the ability to directly connect with hotels and offering each insight to market conditions, trends allowing them to obtain the best deals.

Conquer  contracts, source smarter

The only platform that combines search, RFP creation and data intelligence in the same product.


Outsmarting Rates

Vindow harnesses machine learning algorithms used for analyzing price patterns and predicting hotel rates trends, ADR, and occupancy forecasting.

Hotel Scoring

Scoring methodology developed to help users select a hotel based on a comprehensive rating generated by combining scores on industry-relevant hotel variables.

Customer Centric

Vindow understands that every client is unique and ensures that it will match the right client with the right hotel.


By using intuitive analytic dashboards, Vindow delivers answers other platforms cannot either because it is too time consuming or simply because they don’t know how.

Full transparency

Vindow’s platform provides a centralized, searchable repository with exclusive features.


Artificial intelligence is not a feature of Vindow but rather its core foundation. Vindow’s brain is based on two fundamental layers of intelligence that work together to provide a smarter sourcing experience.

Providing a marketplace where buyers can obtain insight into markets trends, access to suppliers that meet specific criteria, select vendors using powerful analytics and manage contracts efficiently.


Andrea Coronel

Exceptional business professional, who influences and persuades top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted. Andrea is blessed for having achieved much in her life, and now she wants to help others find the same.


Desirée worked as the Business Development Manager at PayNode, a payment platform developed to streamline payments in the business aviation industry.  At PayNode Desirée was responsible for creating and managing the sales process, securing key accounts, and collaborating with Senior Officers in the establishment of strategic goals. 


John H. Holdsworth

John is an experienced, accomplished executive and entrepreneur with over 50 years Global involvement in the Airline, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Motor Sports and Commercial Photography industries, from startup companies to global conglomerates.